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How many times have I heard of someone playing their favorite guitar for a gig and having it stolen?  Way too many times!   Do you put your favorite vintage or rare or brand new guitar at risk whenever you play?  But you have to have something that sounds good and plays easily.   POS Guitars are the answer!

Set up to play!    Wired to sound GREAT!

Designed as a theft prevention and player guitar concept, POS makes the guitar relatively worthless to anyone but the rabid fan or the player.  By taking guitars known to be of lesser value that feel good to play and hot-rodding them so they sound great we make gigging more fun.   If someone does steal your guitar, it will be hard to sell with “POS” spray-painted in orange paint on the headstock.  And if it becomes known that POS guitars are inherently worth more and someone sprays a guitar to sell it, it won’t be long before they know one POS from another and won’t be so eager to buy a stolen or fake POS guitar again.


If you want us to send you a shipping label, so we can Hot Rod YOUR guitar, please call.

So, how do you sell your POS Guitar, if it’s time to move to another guitar and you don’t know anyone who would benefit from having a great player that is less likely to get stolen? Guess what?!?  We’ll buy the guitar back from you, as long as it’s still a POS, for a reasonable return.   If the guitar still plays well and sounds good, Why wouldn’t we?